Saturday, February 20, 2010

help peas. :(

me and my dad have both been trying to get game maker 8 pro on my laptop since it came out. sadly, that hasn't happened. why? for some reason softwrap won't accept my dad's credit card or even the two online gift cards we bought. So yeah i'm kinda screwed. Normally, i wouldn't need it because i have game maker 7 pro. but i have started duck! in gm8 and i can't switch from computer to computer like i used to.

basically what i am asking is for somebody to donate me an activation code for game maker 8 pro and send it to my email  ( ).

What?! you think i'm going to not give anything in return and be a stinky mc poop face?
not at all. here's what i'm offering ya's.
- we will hopefully be able to repay you. edit: make sure you have a way for us to pay you.
- i will put you in the credits of duck in the special thanks spot.
- you will get the final build of duck a week before anybody else does.
- link to your blog on my blog.

To everyone thinking to donate, check the comments before you buy the code because i don't want you buying a code if somebody else has (that might suck.). and to anyone donating, post a comment on this post saying you donated so people know somebody has donated already.

thanks guys! ~Daray

by the way, if any problems where more than one person donates, only the first person will get the money, but if you are the second or third you still get credits on my game and stuff.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


really? no posts in this long? oh well. anyway i discovered this cool site where you can ask people practically whatever you want and the answers are displayed on their profile. like blogger, you can follow people and see some of the crazy stuff people ask.

andrew brophy: