Sunday, January 10, 2010


Once upon a time, there was a young duck and his name was duck. He had a girlfriend who was a platypus and they loved each other very much. But one day, (as in most relationships) she was possesed by a giant pretzel with cheese and she flew far, far away. duck was worried, so he embarked on a perilous journey through twisted and magical lands to find her. Because that's just what ducks do man. it's just what ducks do...

duck! is the result of two older projects of mine melding with some of my twisted drawings i do during spare time at school. It is essentially a puzzle platformer wherein you often go out of your way to help people so they can give you a lead on where your girlfriend is.

Pretty much every character in the game is from a doodle of mine and they all will be pretty damn weird. 

This game is also going to have multiple endings which will depend on certain things you do or don't do in the game. So you might not complete the game on the first attempt.


Currently I am working on the first chapter and I hope to have a demo out by late Feburary.

Keep checkin' back and I hope to make your mind asplode of weirdness.


  1. Thats amazing I dlove it :) looks awesome :)

  2. does it fit with the yoyogames compo :) and if no will u try to make an adapted version for the compo :??

  3. At first I thought about it, but then I released the resolution is too big. Besides, I don't think I could give it the quality i want to give and release it on time.
    *sigh* I'll wait for the next on I guess.