Sunday, March 21, 2010

challenging! : two hard platformers.

you know what guys? I think I'm going to start telling you about whatever hard games I can find. You wanna know why? These are often the best games out there and are usually some of the most creative out there.

To start you guys off, i'm going to show you two platformers that show you that you don't need much to make a platformer hard and fun.

 Difficulty Maximal ( Gideon Simmons )

difficulty maximal is your average platformer which gives you one thing and does it right, difficult platforming.
to beat the game you need good platforming skills and patience, because this is a trial and error game. You are not going to beat this on the first try and I can gurantee it. Anyway, on to the gameplay. The game features a slightly difficult platforming control for this style of platformer, often you will find yourself trying over and over again on a single obstacle just because you always hold the jump button too long or too short. Also the fact that this game relies on rooms that are shown seperately can make the gameplay far more difficult than it could be when you are popping in and out of rooms. But even with these few flaws, this is a great challenge for all you difficulty seekers and definately worth a quick download. 
 acrobutler ( Andrew Brophy )

acrobutler is the harder and somewhat shorter of these two platformers. It was created for The Butler Did It competition over at braingale(it placed 2nd) and it involves you trying to pass series of spikes to get the girl.

   Like I said before, this game is hard, so hard in fact that the first level is the hardest first level I have ever played. Basically, you use your, i don't know ninja butler?, skills to hop, run, and wall jump past several spikes in each difficult level while your endurance against the pink background is tested. Seriously though, it burns! Anyway, the levels are all pretty fun and even at the first level test your platforming skills to the max. Another thing that makes this game fun is that a couple levels even have a very easy to get through side path if you are creative enough to get to it.

   Really my only problem with this game is the death explosions. Now while cool, they are the same color as everything else and can clutter difficult portions of the screen, so you often will have to wait a bit before you can see that jump you've tried time and time again to beat.


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