Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arena Shmup Competition Awards!

Recently, i had a competition. The goal of it was to make an arena shmup which could be either a traditional shmup or a platformer shooter. I ended up getting quite a few entries and all of them obviously had a lot of work put into them. From around the start, two people submitted great games, better than the rest. They were so great in fact, that it was hard to pick a winner and a runner up. It's like picking between chicken and bacon, it can't be done.

But in the end, I picked a winner. They ended up having the game with the biggest replay value and the best shmup'n experience I have ever met.

QOG, you have won.

Here is a list of the users games and what place they made.

1st place: modnar ssob- QOG : A difficult but entertaining shmup where you blast the parts off of randomly generated enemies in order to kill them. Every part has a different function and the game has a very interesting graphical style.
2nd place: Puke 2- Zack : A fun game similar to cactus' ad nauseum 2, basically you puke all over enemies to kill them. Each enemy has a different power and there are online high scores. Kwiklook review
3rd place: Strootch-Kolj : A smooth, ambient shmup where three enemies spawn every few moments. Simple but it's beauty definitely means it deserves a try.
4th place: another one to die for- Zack : A poetic war shmup where you control a tank through the battle field.
5th place: retronauts- Indie games lite : A platformer shmup with a creative arena, online highscores, and it's in the dark.
6th place: bling- Spydog : An arena platformer shmup where gravity switches every so often, but it dosn't affect much. online high scores.

graphics awards.
1st place- strootch by kolj
2nd place- Puke 2 by Zack
3rd place- MODNAR SSOB by Qog

Sound awards
1st place- MODNAR SSOB by Qog
2nd place- strootch by kolj
3rd place- Puke 2 by Zack

Innovation awards
1st place-bling by spydog
2nd place-MODNAR SSOB by Qog
3rd place- retronauts by Indie games lite

Congrat's everyone for what you won for awards. By the way, Qog and Zack, expect your reviews in a few days.

Also to you who haven't entered PLAY QOG AND ZACK'S GREAT ENTRIES.

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