Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MODNAR SSOB by QuiteOddGames

MODNAR SSOB is a colorful shmup from QOG. Basically the game is your average shmup, where basically you shoot bullets (automatically :D) to kill your enemies. But those enemies are randomly generated and made of several pieces. Each of these pieces will do something different, some might follow you like a turret, while others will just sit stationary and blast away. This element of randomization combined with the excellent bullet physics will make you spend forever on this game.

Now here's a warning for you, this game is very hard. So hard that I got to level 6 only once. ONCE! But the difficulty of this game is only a slight annoyance because you go right back to the title when you die, and it's pretty quick to get far. This difficulty also adds a raw bullet hell shmup experience that i have never seen.
When you play this game, you will find yourself often spending time in the corners and then when time comes, unleashing hell on your enemies. If not for the difficulty this would not be possible.

Oh and the music, I can't believe I didn't mention the music. This game easily had the best music out of all the entries in my competition. I sometimes walk through my house humming the theme song to this game. I played this game for the first time, and once I heard the music, I knew I was seeing something good.

Well anyway, here's what I think of this game on a catagory level.

Graphics: 3.75/5-They're nothing super impressive, but they are interesting.The bosses are made up of transparent squares, pixels fall from the top of the screen, and the colors are random.

Music:4.5/5-Amazing, an upbeat theme which you will whistle or hum awkwardly in public. If you don't like shmups, download the game just for the music anyway.

Gameplay: 4/5- The shooting physics and movement work great, but sometimes dying is a bit easier than you had hoped.

Replay Value: Practically infinite- This game has randomly generated enemies, and their shapes are not just randomly generated, their shooting patterns are too! If you don't believe me with it's replayability, I played it at least 35 times by now.

 Overall, if you want the Spelunky of shmups download this game.

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